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2012 Schedule Finalised

The 2012 season will start on Tuesday 1st May as usual at Rover Sports and Social ground in East Oxford. Check the season schedule for more details.n  n   Mark Gower   27 Apr 2012   1

Pre-season dates & stuff

The 2012 OSL season is nearly upon us, to that effect here is some dates and information for you and what we need from you.n nCaptains meeting nTuesday March 27th at the Rover sports and social club at 7.30pm-n1.Please send represenatation.n2. We need to know if your team is entering, n3.How many male and female players you need.n4. Be prepared to share with the committee your recruitment plans and efforts for the coming season.n nLine marking will be Tuesday May 1st-we need representation from each team.-tell us who that will be asap.n nGrapefruit Games- Tuesday 10th,17th,24th April- venue TBC.n nContact Information-Please let leley know who are your two team contacts and email addresses if changed so we can update the captains list.n nUmpires- How many umpires your team has for the umpire pool.   Mark Gower   22 Mar 2012   1

New Players Needed! (Especially Ladies)

Oxford Globetrotters are a team drawn from University Departments and several nationalities. They are keen to recruit some additional players to plug the holes appearing in their line-up now that the University term is drawing to a close. n  n  If you are interested in speaking with the Globetrotters please email the league via the new player enquiries page ( here )  n   Jamie Parish   29 Jun 2011   1

2011 Solstice Tournament - Day 2 Knockout Results

Angels win OSL Solstice Tournament 2011.n On day 2 the Devils had to drop out due to lack of numbers, but several of their players helped out other teams who were also short of players.n Q-Finals: n Harriers beat Beavers; Spirits beat Knights; Oddsox and Angels byes S-Finals: n Oddsox beat Harriers; Angels beat Spirits; Beavers and Knights byes Finals: n Angels beat Oddsox; Harriers beat Spirits; Beavers beat Knights  Day 2 Scores:n Angels  8.8 Oddsox  7.7 Spirits  6.6 Harriers  5.5 Beavers  4.4 Knights  3.3  Overall Tournament Result:n Angels  16.8 Oddsox  13.7 Spirits  13.6 Harriers  9.5 Beavers  7.4 Knights  5.3  Devils  5   David Holden   24 Jun 2011   1

2011 Solstice Tournament - Day 1 Knockout Results

Angels lead after day 1 of OSL Solstice Tournament 2011.n  n Q-Finals: n Devils beat Harriers; Spirits beat Beavers; Oddsox beat Knights; Angels bye S-Finals: n Angels beat Devils; Spirits beat Oddsox; Beavers beat Knights; Harriers bye Finals: n Angels beat Spirits; Oddsox beat Devils; Harriers beat Beavers; Knights bye  Scores:n Angels  8 Spirits  7 Oddsox  6 Devils  5 Harriers  4 Beavers  3 Knights  2  The Spirits can still win by winning the Day 2 Knockout (there are slightly more points on offer).  However, if Day 2 is rained off (the forecast is iffy), the results will stand and the Angels will win.  n Harriers are currently leading the Div.2 teams.n n   David Holden   22 Jun 2011   1

2011 Summer Tournament

OSL Summer Tournament, playing Tuesday 21st and Thursday 23rd June.n nThe tournament will be played as two knockout contests, one on each night (3 games each except byes).  This is to allow for the possibility that one night might be rained off (the forecast is not great).  The aggregate position in each contest will decide the overall result.  Read the text in the first page of the schedule for details.n nTeams are seeded according to current league position.  The bye team (there are 7 teams entered) is moved for the second night to vary which teams play each other and get byes.n nStart time 6.45 - please be ready!   David Holden   20 Jun 2011   1

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