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C-Nationals tournament

Oxford represented in the C-Nationals. Oxford represented in the C-Nationals CO-ED tournament by the Devils with a little help from the Beavers. Congrats to them for representing us and making it to the semi-final of the plate. Webmaster here could only make it to watch the final for which the standard was quite high. Better luck next year Oxford! n
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Great ball at Windsor

Windsor First Ball Rec Tournament was a blast!. The Oxford Orcs organized by Jem Lough of the Beavers took part. The team consisted of 6 Beavers, 4 Angels, 3 Greensox and yours truly as the only Harrier. It was cold, wet for a time, but still great fun. Mike Bladon will be writing a tournament report for the Orc's soon.
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Captains Meeting

-. The main points arising were: n
Open Days, Practices and the Season The schedule for the season has been finalized (see website) and the pitches booked. The open days have been planned (ask Mike from the Angels for more details), and we would like to get loads of people out for these. So dust down your bat and come and play a friendly, do some practicing, or volunteer for some coaching.

As last year, we will play games on Tuesday evenings at the Oxford School.
This season there will also be the chance to go along to practice sessions on Wednesdays and Thursdays at Temple Cowley Middle School (just around the back of the Marsh Harrier pub).

Sports Grant We are putting in for a grant to buy various bits of kit- so if there is anything that you would like to see us buy, then let your captain know.

Rainouts For this season, we won't be canceling due to rain. Instead we'll all go straight to the Harrier (where free food will be laid on as usual), and we'll run a "pub softball" sort of thing through the season.

League Socials: We are inviting nominations for a Social Secretary Post This job is for an outgoing fun loving person to arrange league socials on night other than league nights.

If you want more details then see your captain, who has full (but rather boring) minutes.
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OSL website launched

This season will also see the launch of our new We. This season will also see the launch of our new Web site, we don't know the exact address yet, but give it a few months and then search our League name and you should find us.
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