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Vodafone Heat
Year Founded
Vodafone Heat (previoulsy known as Vodafone) play co-ed slowpitch softball in the Oxford Softball League. Between 2008 & 2010 we had competed with our sister team Vodafone Chill. We are based in Newbury and represent our benefactors Vodafone Ltd.
We were formed in 2005 for the UK corporate games in Manchester. We narrowly missed a bronze medal by losing our 3rd/4th playoff but it was enough to give us a taste of what softball has to offer.
In 2006 we joined the Swindon Softball League and consequently became champions. Also due to our expanding club we entered 2 teams into the UK corporate games in Swindon. That year we took home the silver and bronze medals.
In 2007 we decided to move onto 'pastures new' and join the Oxford League. Sitting as the 'newbies' in division 2. We managed to win the 2nd division. We also entered 2 teams in the UK corporate games and took home the Gold and Silver medals.
In 2008 we came 2nd in the Oxford Softball League division 1 (Heat) and 2nd in division 2 (Chill) which was a great achievement for us. We entered 2 teams into the World Corporate Games (Leeds) and took Gold & Silver!
In 2009 we came 4th in the Oxford 1st Division (Heat) & 3rd in the Oxford 2nd Division (Chill) and took Gold at the UK Corporate Games in Brighton.
In 2010 we relegated ourselves to the Oxford 2nd Division due to a complete club re-structure and moved to one team again. We went on to win the division and competed in a number of tournaments  over the summer. We also competed in the UK Corporate Games in Liverpool and took Gold & Silver!
In 2011 we narrowly missed out on staying in the 1st division and came bottom. We also competed in the UK Corporate Games in Loughborough and took Gold & Silver!
In 2012 we ramined in the Oxford 1st division due to a league re-structure however we again missed out on staying in the 1st division and were relegated. We competed in the UK Corporate Games in Preston and took Gold & Bronze! We also won the plate in the Solent C competition.
In 2013 we got promoted from the 2nd division and once again took Gold and Silver at the Uk Corporate Games in Coverntry.

Team Roster 2015 Roster

Rhys Jelley
Sarah Hunt
Steve Fiddy
Thomas Mead
Thakshy Mead
Sophie Lewis
Dan Nadel

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Awards Awards

2011Tina Thirlwall1Best Batter
2010Marcus Van Heerden2Most Home Runs
2010Marcus Van Heerden2Best Pitcher
2010Marcus Van Heerden2Best Batter
2010Tina Thirlwall2Most Valuable Player (MVP)
2010Tina Thirlwall2Most Home Runs
2010Tina Thirlwall2Best Fielder
2010Tina Thirlwall2Best Batter
2010Dan Nadel2Most Valuable Player (MVP)
2010Dan Nadel2Best Fielder
2009Stewart Morin1Best Fielder